-Week 8 in Review-

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 Another week gone!

For the sake of time, this is mostly photos, just a little writing here and there.
Enjoy, and thank you all for your support!
kindest regards,

The most eggs we have got so far, aren’t they pretty?

I leave her tied, in the shade, while I take care of rabbits and chickens. She has herself in this position when I come back. You see the shame on her face?

                                              Silly dog


well, chicken butts anyway

Our goofy meat birds insist on running to me, regardless of how hot it is.

The above rooster has turned out to be a psychopathic serial rapist of the worst kind. His execution is pending.

Meat birds photo bombing, as usual they have to be right in my face, in case I shoot food out of my mouth or something.

I can’t decide if I should be terrified or if this is the equivalent of a chicken glamor shot…

See the bunny? It’s a lionhead that was turned lose, I need to borrow a live trap to catch the dang thing.

Not the greatest quality photo..But, look that’s fuzzy face sleeping with our crazy kitten killing dog. I about had a heart attach and removed him before Cal woke up, hard to say what would have happened if she woke up to a kitten snuggled up with her.

Chocolate Zucchini Cookies..I might have had them for dinner one night…

Plum leather, Oh yum! Post next Monday!

I hope you found information and inspiration, come back soon!
Kindest regards,
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