-Week 5 in Review-

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Wow, sorry this is so so late!
I got busy with everything but here’s a sum-up.


This post contains photos of a horse giving birth; just thought you might want to know in advance.

The wild (real native species Rubus ursinus) blackberries were just coming on and we discovered an awesome patch right on the farm. We picked enough that day for a delicious blackberry pie. These little berries are so packed with flavor it’s ridicules, without ice cream they are almost too potent. We also picked another day and frozen those for later.

The squash are just getting going so there’s an excess of male blossoms right now.  I made stuffed blossoms with our breakfast, it’s pretty delicious!

I made two batches of birdie bread and started working on making bird toys with shells I snatched from the memorial. AJ made me a little do-hicky to drill hole in the shells. I just need to get some natural fiber and I can start making toys!

The kittens are getting so big! They are starting to taste kibbles and are running around like crazy. Their personalities are really starting to show now. I’m sorry the videos are such poor quality, you can sort of tell how cute they are.

We also welcomed a sweet new filly to the barn! She was a little confused about were milk came from and tried some knee sucking before finding her way back to the right stop.

The filly was, what’s referred to as, “wind blown”, where they lean like they are facing into a strong wind.  You can clearly see what I mean in the side pictures. I’m not sure if she is “actually” wind blown or not since its a term applied to a extremely wide of range of conditions and I’ve never talked to a vet about its real definition. Wind blown foals can naturally correct themselves, or sometimes be mechanically/surgically corrected, I’m not familiar with how they do that or when it is or isn’t possible to correct. As far as I can tell, this little girl is already all straightened out on her own.

let’s see, what else… 
Well the cows got into the rabbit area, popped some cages apart, ate half a bale of hay and a few pounds of rabbit food. No one was hurt and we caught all the escaped rabbits. Our “new” fridge is just as bad as the rest. The only difference is that this ones likes to freeze my veggies. I’m about this far from buying an ice chest and writing off fridges for good. I think that about sums up last week.  Hopefully I can get back on schedule, I promise I’m trying!
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I hope you found information and inspiration, come back soon!
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Anonymous · August 3, 2013 at 2:43 am

Your photos are so beautiful. I love the way that you display your cooking etc. And I’m in love with the little filly. sweet.Gale

Emily Swezey · August 3, 2013 at 3:47 am

Thank you! Taking good pictures is hard work. She really is a cutie-pie, that little tail gets me every time!

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