-Week 4 in Review-

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Hi again!

This felt like a slow week for me. For church potluck I made a rabbit with the rabbit wings sauce. Everyone was curious about trying rabbit and I think it went over pretty well considering the crock pot was almost empty. I tried out freezing homemade biscuits. After a little trial and error I think I figured out a method that works, post coming next Monday! I also tried my hand at sprouting almonds, they are yummy!

AJ went and took a free class to learn how to run a CNC lathe. He really enjoyed the class and it sounds like he will be really good at it when His dad has the machine set up.
We just moved our cockatiels in together. This had been the plan all along we were just waiting to see if they would do it on their own, which didn’t happen. I’ve read some articles that make me think birds that have a cage mate end up being a lot happier and healthier in the long run. Since we were given a really nice large cage, by cockatiel standards, we wanted to give it a try. They definitely aren’t buddies yet, more like almost hostile roommates. They have two wet food bowls, a dry food bowl, snack bowl, food clips and a foraging toy, so even if they chase each other off the food there’s always something they can find to eat.
The kittens are just starting to wobble across their crate, they will be running all over the place before we know it, we need a baby gate asap!
Our young mama rabbit get over zealous with her nest building. Three babies crawled out and one was buried. The buried one and two of the ones that crawled out died. It was my fault for giving hay to an inexperienced mama. It was sad, I was trying to leave her be so she could figure things out on her own; didn’t work out so well this time.  There was a happy note though, she and the litter went to a new home. A young women who is really interested in the harlequin color bought her for breeding.  I really hope the rest of the litter can survive her good intentions.  I know she is going to be an excellent mama, she just needs a little expereince.

The only exciting thing that happened this week was me being asked to be an admin for a healthy parrot feeding group on Facebook that I’m part of, called The Parrot’s Pantry. It’s a really great place to learn about avian nutrition, cooking healthy for companion birds and converting them to healthier diets. I really was humbled to be asked to help keep the Pantry awesome.  I hope I can live up to the great examples I have in the other admins.
I’m getting all anxious for the berries to get ripe, I want jam, milkshakes and more fruit snacks and fruit leather! I can’t wait! 
That’s about all the excitement I have to report for this week. I did update my posting schedule to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, go over to the About This Blog page for the details.
Have a great weekend!

The landlords did get us another fridge, hopefully this one lasts for a while!

I hope you found information and inspiration, come back soon!
Kindest regards,
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