-Week 3 in Review-

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Sorry this is late!

I had been working on a Chop post for a week now and for my own sanity had to finish it yesterday. So lets see what happened this week….

We got a new freezer! Boy was that an adventure! We almost couldn’t fit it in the back of our car, then we figured out we could take the back seat out and voila, it fit!  We had to take the new one out of the box to get it in though.
We finally have a working freezer again but now our fridge is really done for. It’s warm enough our milk practically made yogurt on it’s own. I used it to make pancakes and a big batch of biscuits, most I will be freezing. I haven’t tried to freeze homemade biscuits yet but I think it should work just fine. I’m dreading telling the landlords about the fridge but what can I do? We have to have a fridge.

The few days of crazy heat were miserable. They about turned all of us nocturnal; we are still trying to get back into a normal sleep habit. The flies got really bad and I went a little stir-crazy killing them, but I think I impressed the cats with my skills. I don’t think they knew the bowl-filler and litter-box-cleaner was also a hunter.

The kittens’ eyes are all open now and they are sassy little brats, I think Paisley might be a push over.
If you think you could give one of these little guys a home let me know!

We also have a surprise litter of rexs. I thought she might be bred but I didn’t know how far along.  Tuesday I found her making a nest on the wire, I moved her into a cage with a nest box. She had  even already had one kit, I moved it with her partial nest into the nest box. There were seven in all; she had another out of the nest and squished the poor thing to death. For a five month old doe ( that’s a month younger than I start breeding at) she is doing great. 

I am taking deposits if anyone is interested. These will be tasty meat rabbits, make a great fair project, pet or as breeders for fur or meat.

The clutch of chicks that hatched last week, as of yesterday, have all died or gone missing but four. The person they belong to has them running free. On a farm with seven dogs, four cats, large long legged animals to step on them and whatever wild animals and free roaming pets pass through, if they don’t at least lock them up at night it will be a miracle if any live to adulthood.

We had an ironic experience on the 4th of July, you can read about in the post Our 4th: Concealed carry, RCW and Cops.

We made a delicious 4th dinner of roasted corn on the cob, bbq crock pot rabbit wings ( finished in the oven and really rabbits don’t have wings, it’s just front legs) and mashed potatoes. A recipe for rabbit wings coming soon! You could buy rabbit from us to make it *hint-hint* or use chicken or pork, I think the sauce would probably be good on any meat honestly.

I posted a delicious recipe you just have to try, Lentil Cakes with Raita.  These are made with sprouts, tasty goodies and eaten with a yogurt based sauce, but really it’s just as much the star of this meal as the lentil cakes.

The whole dying freezer fiasco ruined about half our meat, it is still technically edible but now freezer burned and it’s lost a lot of quality( tastes bad but not actually make you sick bad) so we really don’t want to eat it but we also don’t want to throw it out.  I tried using it in homemade dog/cat treats as a solution. They were a hit! Recipe coming soon! 

Unfortunately, the cows have all but dried up and we never got around to making yogurt or cheese so those projects will have to wait a little while longer. We postponed butchering  since it’s been so hot but it’s on our to-do list.  

There are posts about kitchen pots and pans, keeping rabbits in hot weather and legumes coming soon, maybe next week or the week after.
I hope you all had a good 4th of July !

Kindest regards

I hope you found information and inspiration, come back soon!
Kindest regards,


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