-Week 12 in Review-

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I can feel summer winding down. The land reminds me of a bear searching for a den. Restless, hungry and fat with the feasting of a spring and a summer almost past.  The rain is coming. I should maybe say its here since its already been raining for a week but I hope there is one more dry spell left before it comes to stay for the next eight months.
There are tomatoes still green on the brown slimy vines and I can only look at them with exasperation. I plan to pick and wrap them in newspaper to ripen slowly if the rain is truly here to stay.
We went and got Paisley and another kitten fixed at Pasados Mobile Spay Center Tuesday. last week I bred our young black doe with the buck that’s here from the landlords’ uncle; I’m convinced  he is a Champagne D’Argent.  The others will be bred throughout the month, other than that the week was been a slow one. I made another batch of Chocolate zucchini cookies. This time I wanted to see how they would turn out gluten free, by replacing the whole wheat flour with gluten free flours. I used sweet potato instead of plum puree since it was what I had on hand. They were still yummy but without the gluten they were noticeably more crumbly so I would recommend adding an egg or another half cup of ground flax if you make them gluten free.

The approach of winter and classes resuming puts me into a preparatory frame of mind. I’ve started organizing and taking stock of our pantry and freezer. I plan to make and freeze lunch and breakfast foods for those days we are short of time. I hope I will be able to post as frequently during the academic year as I have been this summer; in the event that I can’t, I’ve starting stockpiling posts.
I’m looking forward to the demands of class, mulling over new ideas, having my beliefs challenged, writing and reading more. AJ and I are both looking forward to mushroom season, it’s the best thing, the only good things about the rain here.  
I’m in one of those moods where I could just keep writing about random things but really I’ve said all I have to say about last week. Once again, thank you for taking the time to be here reading this.
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