Whole Pastured Chicken


pastured chicken

100 in stock (can be backordered)


This is like the whole chicken you know from the grocery store, but with super powers. Delicious, nutrient dense, healing super powers.
Like all our meat, once you try it going back to the grocery store version is pretty hard.

-high in healthy “good” fats including Omega-3’s and conjugated lineolic acid (CLA)

-high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, such as iron, D3, E, C and beta-carotene

-fed locally milled feed free of Genetically-Engineered  (GMO) ingredients
-moved to pasture as soon as they can safely live outside with a shelter. Rotated daily on our pasture until butchered.

Broilers are raised in batches of 100-200. You’re buying a whole, plucked, skin on chicken. If you want the organs or cleaned and peeled feet from your chickens let us know. Due to weather and individuality of the actual chickens within a batch butchered weights can range from 3-6 lbs, we do our very best to produce chickens that are about 5lbs.

2020  batched will be available for on farm pick up on these approximate dates:

May 16th – orders in by Feb 22nd
August 8th- orders in by April 18th
September 12th – orders in by June 15th

A batch date that is listed may become unavailable.

This happens if:
-Our minimum order requirement of 100 chickens wasn’t met by the order deadline.
Due to the costs of raising broilers we cannot raise less than 100 at a time.
-You did not make your order by the batch order deadline OR the hatchery sold out of a hatch of chicks especially quickly.
The hatchery often sells out of chicks a month in advance of their hatch date and once that happens we can’t increase our chick order for a batch, that’s why we ask for orders so far in advance.

If either of these things happen your order will be rolled ahead into the next available batch.

How to Buy:

1) Decide how many chickens you want- we recommend 5 to start. Make sure you have freezer space for them.

2) Pay half down to reserve your chickens.

3) Pay the remaining balance due at, or before pick up. Read the follow up emails and come to the farm on the planned day to pick up your chickens.





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