Seed Catalogs I recommend for Heirloom, Open pollinated and organic varieties

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It’s that amazing time of year where the seed catalogs come pouring in and I dream about the garden. Okay, Its more like I obsess about the garden. How many square feet can I plant? How much and what kind of seed do we need? What do we have room to start early? How many pounds of potatoes do we actually need to plant to feed five people? The endless questions I ask myself!
I spend a lot of time planning the garden and as much or more time reading reviews on companies and varieties, and comparing catalog offerings. I thought since I’ve already done so much leg work I might as well put together a list of companies to buy heirloom, open pollinated and organic seed from for you.
This isn’t a complete list, it’s just the companies that I’ve bought from or done some looking into already.

Seed Catalogs I recommend for Heirloom, open pollinated and organic varieties

seed catalogs I recommends for heirloom, open pollinated and organic varieties

Baker Creek

I love this company. They have some of the best prices around. They often have varieties that are not available anywhere else but on the other side of the coin they don’t always carry popular varieties. I highly highly recommend Baker Creek.

seed catalogs I recommends for heirloom, open pollinated and organic varieties

Seed Savers Exchange

I always drool over this catalog but I haven’t bought anything from them yet. Their prices tend to be on the high side but you can order large quantities of many varieties which is great if you want to grow a lot of something.

seed catalogs I recommends for heirloom, open pollinated and organic varieties

High Mowing Organic Seed

Great selection, generally good prices and large quantities available.

seed catalogs I recommends for heirloom, open pollinated and organic varieties

 Bountiful Gardens

This is part of the John Jeavons company which does the “grow biointensive” method. They have lots of varieties you can’t find elsewhere and lots of Permaculture type plants. Check them out!

Grow Organic

This company has excellent prices, however buyer beware. The word on the street is that the customer service and live plants are hit and miss on quality. I have yet to place my order with them but I will be ordering seeds from them this year. It seems from reviews that this company is fine as long as you order seeds or small not alive items and you order early and don’t need your order to show up when it is suppose to. But GrowOrganic has a horrendous reputation if you’re ordering live plants or large items. The prices are really good so I think it’s a risk worth taking.

Territorial seeds-

Lots of selection but sometimes on the more expensive side. There has been much concern about territorial being owned by Mansanto. That is in fact a panic induced overstatement of the situation. A large seed supplier, Seminis, which sells seed to many catalogs was bought by Mansanto. Last I knew Territorial no longer buys seed from Seminis, if you’re rightfully concerned Territorial seed will happily answer your questions. For more information on this topic read this article by Northwest Edible Life-a brief history of Mosanto and the seed houses who got screwed

Potato Garden

This is a great little company that just does potatoes, garlic, onions and shallots. They have great prices but sell out pretty fast.

Filaree Garlic Farm

This is another small company that does potatoes, garlic, shallots and sweet potatoes. I love them because they are local, just a drive away in Omak Washington.

Now, go forth and order seeds!

Is there a seed company I missed that you love? Tell me about them in the comments! I might add them to my list.

seed catalogs I recommend for heirloom, open pollinated and organic varieities.

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