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 I just had to update you about all the newly arrived  babies here! Early yesterday morning this beautiful little colt was born. The last foal born here didn’t make it through the birth so it was good for everyone that this little guy and his mama had no problems. In fact, the landlords had driven by to check at six and by seven there he was: dried, suckling and walking. I think mama might have wanted some privacy! Today while we were feeding the rabbits and meat hens I discovered that the hen who has been setting has some hatched babies already, pictures coming as soon as they make their appearance.

before any of that,  about a week ago our cat had a litter of kittens. This was one of those events that required a *face-palm* and a ” you have got to be kidding me!?”  About the time she was suppose to get fixed we got a lovely ticket for expired tabs, hmm, why you ask? Because we didn’t have any money to renew them, so of course they want more money because we didn’t have any to start with! Then, we got in an even more lovely car accident on the way to meet someone who was buying a $100 worth of Rex rabbit breeding stock. So not only did we have a broke truck but we lost that sale. 

Once we figured out that she was pregnant we debated what we would do. We considered getting her spayed and aborting the kittens-which we ended up still not having the money for, or euthanizing the litter. In the end, we did neither. It’s not the litters fault we put off getting their mom fixed or got a ticket or had a car accident. If this litter put her at physical risk or the kittens were positively going to have health issues we would have euthanized the litter. Of course, I feel bad knowing that this will be yet another litter of kittens in a world where many end up in a shelter, euthanized, or as ferals. We thought we were euthanizing the litter right up until she had them. I just couldn’t do it. There are all kinds of reasons we should have and I thought I would be able to make that choice but when I saw our cat with her kittens I lost my nerve. Say whatever you want, but we should have prevented her pregnancy or their birth, it would have been the kinder way to take her babies away from her. The moral of the story, have the money to get your pet fixed in a savings account or something BEFORE they need to be fixed.

So in two months there will be some well adjusted, litter box trained, very well socialized kittens needing homes.

I hope you found information and inspiration, come back soon!
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