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When I was finally old enough to realize books were awesome I become a veracious reader. I loved anything inspiring and I especially loved books about animals and how different cultures lived. The Little House on the Prairie® book series is one of my favorites and one of the first series of books that I read. I was fascinated with how the pioneers lived. Since I lived a good a portion of my childhood in off-grid places I saw the characters in the books as kindred spirits. I thought I would get along smashingly with the Ingalls kids and that Pa was just like my grandpa Frank since he also played the fiddle.

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I’m happy to present you with this giveaway today! It’s the first giveaway I’ve done on Life From Scratch and I think it’s fitting. The Little House® books inspired generations of people, myself included, and represent the values that we also hold dear: family, community and a respectful relationship with the natural world.

This give-away was set up by the folks who just launched a new Little House on The Prairie® website for all things Laura Ingalls Wilder; you can visit the website HERE.  You can also find them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
On the Little House on the Prairie® website you’ll find a wealth of resources. There are recipes, crafts, historical information and there’s a store where you can buy the books and TV series. They have a tutorial for making corn cob dolls, which my child self was obsessed enough with to actually make. I really loved this article about pioneer gardens. I love finding trees and rosebushes all by there lonesome because I know it means a homestead was there once. The pioneer garden article goes into detail about what pioneers grew and how they planned their gardens. I love that this website is going to introduce the Little House® books to a whole new generation of kids as well as be a fun place for all of us adult fans to visit.

What’s in this giveaway?!

If you’re the lucky duck who wins, you’ll get:
-a copy of the new documentary about Laura Ingalls Wilder
-a copy of Laura’s best selling autobiography, Pioneer Girl
-a Pioneer Girl tote bag
AND the first four seasons of the newly remastered TV series.

This giveaway is coordinated by Little House on the Prairie® through the Homestead Bloggers Network; the Little House on the Prairie® website is also giving away the same prize package. Make sure to enter the Rafflecopter on the Little House on the Prairie® website too so you have a better chance of winning. You could even win two prize packages; because I’m sure you know someone who would love this Little House® awesomeness just as much as you!

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