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Why is my Grass-fed and Pastured Meat Tough?


I’m here to give you a science lesson so you better understand why grass-fed and pastured meat cooks differently. I’ll also give you some ideas to deal with it. Buckle up, it’s about to get nerdy around here.

Seed Catalogs I recommend for Heirloom, open pollinated and organic varieties 002edit

The Art Of Waiting

I’ve been sketching farms for as long as I can remember; stacks of fences, chicken coops, barns, gardens and houses. I’ve written intricate plans for buying land and building farms, I have thousands of idea to…

Raw Cranberry Relish

This raw cranberry relish is sweetened to taste. The whole lemons, limes and oranges mellow and sweeten as they soak up the sugar but keep the relish bright. Raw cranberry relish is simple, great to make ahead and gets better with age. Make a batch of raw cranberry relish for Thanksgiving and save some to eat at Christmas too.

Whole Again: Wrapping up 2015

I hope you all had an excellent New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving and anything else you celebrated. It’s been quieter than normal around here; our life on the other hand has been some form of chaos for the last six months. I thought it was high time I filled in…

Dipping Smelt

Smelt are a delicious quick cooking fish and for the days the season is open you don’t need a fishing license or a fishing pole to harvest them in Washington. Here’s a quick guide to harvest and cleaning smelt.

Only a Farmer at Heart Understands

I was sitting there trying to eat my sandwich lamenting the choice to go easy on the mustard. Not all decisions made at 5:30 in the morning are so wise in the light of day. As I choked down another bite a fellow classmate set down across from me and attempted to make small talk.
“Do you feel confident about the quiz tomorrow?” she asked.
“Well,” I said, chocking down another bite of dry bread and turkey…

Lacto-Fermented Ketchup

Homemade lacto-fermented ketchup is one of the easiest things to make!
If you can taste and stir you can make this.

I’ve always had a lackluster relationship with ketchup. I liked it, sometimes, but it was always so sweet and one dimensional that I could never really get excited about it. One day we were at a restaurant…