Herb Infused Oil

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Herb Infused Oil

So, I feel like this is sort of a silly post. Herb infused oils are very easy and you can use them in a lot of ways. You can make ones for cooking, for healing, skin care or hair conditioners. 
This is one of the ingredients for my coconut butter. Pictured above, I use mint and rosemary infused olive oil for that recipe.

All you need is:
a high quality oil, I use extra virgin olive oil
and dry herbs.

If you would like to be able to separate the oil from the vegetable matter you can find tea bags or make your own with muslin and cotton twine to tie it shut.  You can also just strain it through a fine mesh strainer, coffee filter or one of these snassy reusable coffee filters.

These really make excellent gifts. Put it in a pretty functional jar, wrap it up and voila! 
I make infused oil in tempered glass jars with tight fitting lids. That way there should be fewer oil spills and you can gently heat them in a warm pot of water to speed up the infusing process. It takes a while, we are talking weeks, for the oil to really take up the goodness from the herbs. Just overnight is long enough for it to start to get some of the smell and taste without heating. If you heat the oil, a few hours is enough to have a lightly infused oil. 
Need some ideas?
For cooking try, rosemary, oregano, red pepper; for skin and hair care try rosemary, mint, calendula or lavender. There are so many possibilities, what have you tried and what did you use it for? 

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