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Lately I have been struggling with some big decisions about my future, mainly about my continuing education. It’s hard to make a choice that’s true to yourself when there are so many other people who will be affected by the decision you make. I know whatever I do decide someone will not be happy. I’m not going to make a case for any of the possible option but rather I want to explain why this is so important to me.

I have always been a curious and creative person. I want to learn how something works, to understand the minute details makes me so excited and puts me in awe of gods creation. By learned how things work I am inspired to create with those systems in mind.
I was browsing the internet for some breakfast inspiration when I stumbled upon Kale and Eggs (Or Why You Should Start a Food Blog) by Shanna Mallon and then this post about how god appreciates creativity. She talked about the uncertainty of putting yourself “out there” through blogging. That’s true anytime you take a stand on a subject or go out on a limb with an idea. 

I have let this post lay since I didn’t feel like I had anything concrete to say and I still don’t, however it’s Monday. I should be posting something about food and egg and greens/ broccoli are my new favorite breakfast and lunch.

Our hens give us more eggs than we can eat and we eat them every which way so we sell the extras. Our chickens are fully free ranging right now and locked in their house for safety at night. Since they get to eat grass to their hearts content they have gorgeous, nutritious, bright orange yolks that are richer in Omega-3s than store bought eggs or eggs from penned chicken. If you are interested in buying eggs let me know!

Depending on how big your kale is you can cut it into ribbons or leave it whole. I’m preferring it cut into ribbons these days. I also discovered that toasted sprouted almonds are sooo yummy in this.

I toast the sliced sprouted almonds in butter or coconut oil and saute the greens in butter before adding the beaten eggs. Whenever cooking eggs remember a hot greasy pan prevents the eggs from sticking. I dislike washing pans encrusted with eggs…

         Toss in some halved cherry tomatoes after the eggs are cooked and enjoy!

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I hope you found information and inspiration, come back soon!
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Kerry Fountain · September 17, 2013 at 10:33 pm

Back when I was young, it was easy to make decisions about the future. Now that I am older — I have learned that the future is so incredibly unpredictable! I am slowly learning to do things for me, carving out a new view of the future that does allow for swaying and changing… is hard!Thanks for sharing on A Humble Bumble’s Healthy Tuesday Blog Hop. I hope you’ll join us again next week!Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

    Emily Swezey · September 17, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    Thanks for the encouragement, I hope it works out for the best in the end. See you next week!

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