Advertising & Affiliates

Amazon Affiliate Program

Throughout the blog you will see links to products for sale on Amazon.  If I have tried something or have an opinion about it I will let you know what I think!  Most of the links will be something that I mention in the post or are directly related to the post topic. There is also an automatically generated link in the side bar that amazon puts together based off the blog content and your search history on Amazon.

If you click through a link and put something in your cart and then buy it within 89 days (or before your cookies are deleted, which is normally about 24 hours) of putting it in your cart; I get a commission on the sale, which DOES NOT affect the price you pay. Anytime you buy something through an affiliate link here you are helping support our projects including this blog.  It doesn’t have to be the thing the link was for, just anything on Amazon, as long as you go to Amazon through an affiliate link on LFS.


 Throughout Life From Scratch you will see ads, for these -like the amazon links- I receive a commission. Unlike the amazon links, I recieve a comission for clicks not purchases. If you ever see any ad that you think is not appropriate for your kids to see, or is otherwise offensive, please let me know! I can selectively ban ads but I have to know they are there before I can do that. 


Maybe you are wondering why you should support the blog monetarily? Frankly, running a good blog is a lot of work. Photographing for a post generally takes about two hours, an hour at minimum for editing and organizing the photos; then writing the post takes at least two hours. That’s five hours I spend on a post that you have access to for free. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. I enjoy taking photos, writing and sharing knowledge. But, if I’m going to make blogging a long-term project it needs to support its self. For instance, going from a to a .com URL cost money, or if I want a tech savvy person to fix the blog ( I can dream right?) or make anything better, that costs money. 

When you buy something through an affiliate link you are telling me that you appreciate the time and effort I put into Life From Scratch and that you want it to stick around for a while. 

So, thank you in advance!