Animal Husbandry


10 Commandments of Good Animal Husbandry

Eating Animals: A Reality Check

Saturday at The Sanctuary:  My thoughts after volunteering at a sanctuary.

Chop: all things good for birdie: A guide to a companion-bird feeding method and some consideration to help you in the process.

Sprouting Nuts: a great, healthy addition to you and your birds, diet.

Cooking and Sprouting Legumes: legumes should be an important part of any companion birds diet, find out how best to prepare them.

Feeding Parrots Seasonally: Autumn: this post focuses on ways to feed pumpkin and squash.

Storing Eggs: Method and Science

Birdie Bread: Beta-Carotene Variation 

Four Leg-ed Hunter Snacks: Grain free dehydrated treats for the carnivore in your life

How to clip a Rabbit’s Nails: Why you should, what you will need and how to go about clipping nails on a small animal.

Keeping Rabbits in Hot Weather 

Rabbit Slaughter ~Part I: Preparation, equipment & Dispatch

Butchering a Rabbit ~Part II: Eviscerating & Skinning