A Month of Being Thankful

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We packed up our critters ( a few stayed home thanks to our awesome pet setter) and went home for a solid ten days. I think this time of year is especially beautiful here; with frosty clear days, changing colors and bare orchards.   I am so thankful to be in this beautiful place, for all the gifts and blessing god has put in my life and for the people he has put in my path. 

I hope that where ever you find yourself, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural world god has created. That you can find good things in your life to be thankful for, regardless of your situation. And, that you can find peace in this world filled with turmoil and grief.

Many of my Facebook friends did daily posts for things they were thankful for this month.  I decided it would be nice to just compile a list to post on Thanksgiving instead. I would love to see the things you are thankful for in the comments!

28 Days of Thanks

 1st For the little things that remind me why life is so precious.

 2nd  For sunshine when there have been clouds.

3rd  For meat in our freezer that was produced in a way I can be proud of and happy to feed to those I love.

4th  For productive gardens and wild lands to forage and the knowledge to use both to the advantage of nature and my family.  
5th  For my childhood. It was far from perfect but I would not be who I am today or able to help people as I can without having lived it.
6th  For a college that has opened my mind, strengthened my passions, compassion and continues to make me a better person daily.

7th  For meals created, cooked and eaten with loved ones.

8th  For the kindness of a stranger, and being able to be that stranger.

9th  For having conversations with people who have completely different world views than me, and for how it broadens my understanding of life.
10th  Conversations among like minded folks that feed my soul.

11th    The people in the armed forces and their families. I am grateful for the sacrifices they make regardless of if I agree with the reason they are fighting. 

12th  For my husband. I had no idea life would turn out this way; god has truly given me my perfect match; a man better than I could have ever imagined. 

13th  I am thankful for seeing god in all places and things, I am always awed by what he has created.
14th  For growing things.

15th  changing seasons.

16th  Stocked pantries.

17th  For all the critters in my life, they make it better in so many ways; Especially with lap-fuls of furry cuddles and eyes that look at me with far more knowledge than we give them credit for being capable of understanding.

18th  For my snugly man.

19th For a husband that walks, talks and

 has his health. Every day I thank god
 that he has spared AJ so many times.

20th    For phone calls from far away loved ones.

21st The beauty of hand written letters.

22nd  The pleasure of books, papers and all written and typed words.

23rd  The amazing knowledge I have access to through this crazy invention called the internet

24th  For having a home, a place, family and community to come back to.

24th  For this age of change and possibilities we live in.

26th  All the lessons I have learned from the bad days.

27th  For all the memories from the good days.

28th  For today, no matter what it brings.

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!

What are you thankful for? I would love to read them in the comments!
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I hope you found information and inspiration, come back soon!
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