Food that is delicious, fresh, nutrient dense and grown with regenerative practices.

 You know you should eat more vegetables but….
The carrots are bitter, the tomatoes are watery and flavorless and the box of salad is rotten by the time you get home.
Sound familiar?
You’re not going to get your kids to put down the chicken nuggets or mac’ & cheese if you aren’t willing to eat the vegetables either.

supermarket food is grown to be super productive, look nice, and survive transport  clear across the country without dissolving into mush.

Speckle Farm focuses on growing food with excellent flavor that is fresh and packed with nutrients.

. This means produce will:

-last longer in your fridge

-taste better. A lot better.

-give you more energy, less pain and a stronger immune system because we know good food is the foundation of good health.

-need only simple preparation to be delicious. Hello fast healthy cooking!

CSA Is For You If:

 -You love to try new things in the kitchen and feel bored with what’s available in the store.

-You’re consistently disappointed in the quality of produce you buy.

-You craving a personal relationship with the person and the place that your food comes from.

-Local food is important to you.

Meet Your Farmer

Hello and welcome! I’m Emily and the hunk I’m laughing at is my husband AJ. Speckle Farm is our small family farm in the beautiful Okanogan Valley where we raise produce and livestock, it is our home and my vocation.

We are dedicated to teaching and practicing methods that respect our animals, land and wildlife and have the power to heal. I am here to help you reconnect with food in a way that will transform your life and our farm into something stronger, healthier and more beautiful.